“Variety is the spice of life, that gives it all its flavor” - William Cowper


I recently became interested in cooking, after years of takeout food and instant meals.

Perhaps it’s a passing interest…a temporary passion that comes and goes as they so often do in my life.

But something tells me this one might just stick.

After surviving a few underwhelming meals, I’ve gotten into a groove with this intricate art.

I never really appreciated how many elements are involved with what we eat. Herbs, spices, texture, flavor…everything combining in wonderful ways to bring joy and happiness to your taste buds.

Cooking is such an alluring thing to me, because it is a world of infinite possibilities. You could make something completely unique, adding your own personal touch to it.

Every day is an opportunity to create something new.

Being able to cook well feels like it would be a superpower. You can think something up and create it.