“It's all about quality of life and finding a happy balance between work and friends and family.” - Philip Green


In order to feel stable, we need pillars to support us. These pillars could take many forms, but the most straightforward ones are Friends, Family, Work, and Significant Other.

These pillars aren’t guaranteed at the same time, if at all. We lose family members, friends grow apart, work gets old, and we fight with our romantic partners.

If one or two of these pillars are crumbling, then we still have a solid enough foundation to function. But when all of our relationships are suffering, it can be devastating.

So how do we reinforce these pillars? How do we strengthen the foundation that maintains our sanity? Too often, we neglect these key relationships and suffer the consequences down the line.

Maybe the answer is simple. Make the effort to keep in touch with those who matter to you. Ask how your old friends are doing. Se

One of the most powerful films, It’s a Wonderful Life, does a great job of highlighting the importance of relationships. Towards the end, when the main character faces a crisis, he contemplates suicide to end it all. But his family and friends help come to the rescue and save him from these depths.

When you are kind to others and make the effort to keep up with relationships, you build up good will over the years. Is this selfish? Perhaps. But it seems all relationships have an element of sacrifice. We take time to see others, to hear about their days, to help them out when they need help. Then when it’s your turn to ask for a favor, there will be people around.

It would be a lonely day to wake up and realize you have nobody to turn to.

So be kind to friends, keep in touch with family, treat your partner well, and get to know people at work. Life has it’s ups and downs, but you will stay balanced and maintain stability with you have your relationships in order.

What is life without relationships? Who are we without the people around us? If your relationships aren’t fulfilling your needs, then you either need to create new ones or improve the ones you have. But if you try to navigate life without any relationships, it is a lonely road and you won’t get anywhere.