"What a man can be, he must be. This is what we call self-actualization." - Abraham Maslow


It's nice when everything is in order. Friendships, romance, work, health, and so on. When life is good in these major areas, you feel balanced and energized. It's easy to get content in this state of calm. It's easy to relax and soak in the peace with satisfaction. But instead, I think we need to use this time to our advantage. 

I feel much more productive when various areas of my life are going well. It's like our lives are a house, and each of those areas (relationships, career, etc.) are columns holding them up. Sometimes a column collapses or needs repair. That makes it hard to focus on getting other things done. A toxic relationship or harmful work environment can cloud your mind and rob your waking hours.

So when things are going well, it's first important to observe that. Then, I think it's vital to act. Take advantage of this time to be as productive as possible. Channel your positive energy into a worthy cause. Life has ups and downs, and your state of mind will inevitably shift. Let the occasional sense of stability be a catalyst for action.