"Your life is your life. Don’t let it be clubbed into dank submission." - Charles Bukowski


Sometimes I feel caught up in a constant barrage of unimportant thoughts. Basic comforts like alcohol and food help keep me in a perpetual state of mild contentment.

How many of us really live? Would any of our lives make good stories? Why don't we do more to make life interesting?

I often think of people like Hemingway and Hunter S. Thompson, whose wide range of experiences and encounters made their lives noteworthy. They were flawed, imperfect icons. But it's easy to romanticize individuals like these. In reality, they probably hurt a lot of people close to them in their pursuit of glory. Maybe complicated and damaged relationships are just one price to pay on the path to greatness.

Then again, maybe that's just a rationalization...a justification for not treating those around you well. But I shouldn't be so cynical to believe that you can't have an interesting life without being an asshole. I do, however, want to understand why more of us don't have richer experiences in our lives. 

It seems like a lack of focus is a major culprit. We simply don't take the time to sit down and picture what our ideal life really looks like. Resigned to fate and happenstance, we bounce around from one set of circumstances to another. 

It's scary and intimidating to carve your own path. Fear forces us into a state of behavioral paralysis. We fear social judgment. We fear failure. We fear the unknown. Our minds can conjure countless phantoms to scare us out of taking action.

Laziness is another impediment keeping us from the best version of ourselves. It's much easier to sit on the couch, never taking the initiative to put ourselves out there. Why risk the sting of failure when you could stay inside and relax?

Fear, laziness, and a lack of focus. These things hold us back from becoming what we could be. We could always make excuses or cast blame for our lot in life. However, it would do us better to confront ourselves with brutal honesty, and reflect on how we are sabotaging ourselves.