"Don't you think maybe they are the same thing? Love and attention?" - from the movie Lady Bird (2017)


I was initially very skeptical of the rise of Fitbits. Anytime a new fitness fad catches on, I feel like it's a passing gimmick that will simply come and go. But I've since changed my mind.

Regardless of how accurate something like this is, it's really the thought that counts. When you put this kind of thing on your wrist, you're making a conscious decision to quantify your life.

Sure, you could still be a lazy sack of potatoes while wearing a Fitbit. But the very act of wearing this means that you're going to start tracking your health. You're going to pay attention. 

So many of us just drift through life on autopilot. But when you have actual data to describe your days, you become more aware of your habits and behavior.

I love the hourly reminder to get up and move. Sometimes I'll get so caught up in work that I sit at my desk for hours. I feel a lot better if I take breaks to get up and walk around. 

I love the sleep tracking feature. Like many people, I make a hollow promise to myself that I'll get 8 hours of sleep. When the actual numbers are staring me in the face, I'm held to a higher accountability.

I love the step counting. It feels like a game or challenge to get 10,000 steps each day. Suddenly a boring walk has a element of fun to it.

I love the heart rate monitor on mine. If I get irrationally angry during the day, I can see the bright colored spikes on a chart. It helps me stay in check.

I wonder what took me so long to go along with this trend. Rejecting something popular just for the sake of it isn't doing me any good.

And what are we without our health?

When you wear a Fitbit or something similar, it's probably because your health is important to you. You're going to start making it a priority.  

Paying attention to yourself and loving yourself...isn't it the same thing?