Decision Fatigue

The more decisions we make, the less willpower we have.

That's why Steve Jobs wore the same outfit every day. Why waste mental energy on clothing when you're the head of a major company, making hundreds of decisions each day?

We don't all have to start wearing black turtlenecks to appreciate the principle here:

Our ability to focus is limited, so determine which decisions matter most. 

For example, I wanted to start going to the gym every morning. But getting ready meant finding an outfit, packing my gym bag, and putting on my contacts. It's a simple process, but annoying to go through just after waking up. 

So I decided to start sleeping in my gym clothes. Maybe it's ridiculous, but it's one less thing I need to worry about in the morning. I also began packing my bag ahead of time, and putting my contacts out by the mirror. I've minimized the early-morning decisions that were sapping my reserve of willpower.

Now it's easier to get up and go to the gym, because I've reduced the decisions involved in that routine. The fewer decisions I make, the more discipline and focus I'll have for making decisions later on.