"What you resist, persists" - Carl Jung


Acceptance is an elusive undertaking. Many of us are overwhelmed by a nagging sense of negativity. We live in a state of perpetual cynicism and self-doubt. But if you try to suppress your suffering, it will only have more power over you. Only when you recognize your emotions and accept them does their grip start to loosen. 

Have you ever started daydreaming about something stupid you've done in the past? I still cringe over things I've done or said years ago (or maybe just yesterday). I quickly try to shove that feeling down and distract myself. But even if I shift my attention, this pain still lingers in the back of my mind. Instead, I should accept my suffering and lean into the pain.

Ignoring your problems won't solve them. We must confront our feelings and accept their existence. What we resist, persists. But when we recognize our emotions and accept them, their power over us starts to dissolve.